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Down Under Live
Down Under Live offers visitors a unique taste of all things Antipodean. If you are looking forward to a life down under, eager to find your dream job in a new country, or simply want to sample a taste of Australian wine or New Zealand honey., then this is the show for you.Whatever your  interest, you will find it all under one roof at Down Under Live!

Down Under Awards

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Get Me Downunder - Smartphone App

Migration Finder
The Down Under Awards are the premier awards for migration and travel to Australia & New Zealand. Our awards recognise the very best companies and our readers and visitors are keen to vote for their favourites. At our show we will help you make your dream move come true. From expert advice from immigration specialists to a host of companies who can save you time and money, you will find everything you need to take the first step into your new life abroad. Get the latest news, advice and help if you are looking to move to Australia or New Zealand on your phone or tablet.
Avaliable for iPhone, iPad and Android
Migration Finder provides migrants with a quick and easy way to find the help they need to make their dream move. For our partners, it is a lead generation service that provides targeted leads and brings business direct to your door.

Get Me Down Under

Australia & New Zealand Magazine

Live Canada
The UK’s biggest dedicated social network for people interested in travel, migration or life down under. We have an audience passionate about Australia & New Zealand who contribute advice, tips and help for anyone thinking of travelling or migrating downunder. The latest news from the UK’s leading magazine for downunder. The site carries regularly updated stories from both Australia and New Zealand and will give you all the information you need to know. The social network for travellers, migrants and anyone interested in a new life in Canada.